Product Feedback

We are grateful for each and every person that makes up the Imigy Lighting community. All the way from those people that installed the very first FireLED downlights to new customers trying out our high bays for the first time. It is this knowledge, and this experience, which is invaluable to us.

We would like to know your thoughts, your comments and your ideas on where our products can improve and which products you think that we are missing from our catalogue. We are passionate about making installation as quick and effective as possible; the design and development team seek to optimise all areas of the product to make this a reality. As the people who interact with Imigy products the most, you can help to improve this experience.

Big ideas are also welcome. Let us know if there is lighting that you cannot get from us, but want to.

Use the form to submit your ideas to us. Each idea is welcomed, from something that will improve installation of a current product to a brand new product category – big or small, let us know about it.

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