Preface 1
We carry a wish that we will develop Imigy not only become a leader in Chinese LED Lighting field but also one of the most famous LED Lighting Company in the world.

We are keenly aware that this development path is full of risks and opportunities, happiness and thorns. It will be possible to achieve our long term goal only after putting enormous passion and continuous efforts.

We believe: If an enterprise is a tree, an economic and social benefit is the fruit, management is the truck, and the company culture becomes the nutrient soil of the tree.

We firmly believe: Without a good company culture, the company would not success!

Following are the guidelines to propose how to behave; how to act; and how to face your job. It can only represent part of our company culture. Here I share these points with Imigy staffs to have mutual encouragement, although they are not comprehensive.

A. If you choose to like the company you work, appreciate your job and treat the company as part of your family, it shall be a good start. Because working is not only a tool to make a living, it is also a necessity to enrich your life. To appreciate your job, this is one good way to deal with it. When you treat the company as your family, the warmth of the family will be around you.

B. We shall pay attention to the cooperation and communication in between the colleagues as well as the customers, and form a good habit to feed back your work status promptly and proactively. In this way, we could improve the work efficiency and correct any careless mistake if there is any; thus, other colleagues will not waste the time to trace the problem and our customers will not suffer of your mistake. Remember, saving other people??s energy is saving your own, since you are one of the links within the whole chain too.

C. Nobody is perfect. Your managers, your colleagues and we all have shortcomings. Therefore, we need to keep on learning and self-improvement. At the same time, we should remember not to be too rigorous to our colleagues, friends and family.

D. You should study consciously and learn more about your work-related knowledge and skills. The company is growing, and you have to keep improving yourselves; otherwise, you will not keep up with the Company.

E. You shall care and help your colleagues as is your own responsibilities. In result, you will not be alone and helpless when you encounter difficulties.

F. It is necessary and encouraged to give advice, suggestion and consultation among colleagues. When you receive an advice or comment from your colleague, you should realize something must be wrong. Instead of fighting back right away or finding an excuse, you should do a self-reflecting, find out the problem, improve yourself. Please realize that not too many people are willing to point out your mistakes, so you should be grateful to them. g. You should understand that the responsibility and authority are always company with each other in proportionally. Never ask for authority without taking up any responsibility.

H. It is always direct proportion in between give and return. However, you might not get the return each time you give. The only way that you are sure to get a return is to give continuously.

I. Finding a problem is the start of solving the problem. If you do not ignore the problem you found, you will definitely find a way to solve the problem.

J. "Quality-oriented, brand-established, service-stressed, and full-participated" is our quality policy. Good quality is the base of developing a good company. It needs participation and care of each employee to realize this policy. Please keep this in mind.